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Pressure Points Mental Performance

Darci Freeman, LMFT, ACC

About Pressure Points Mental Performance

Pressure Points Mental Performance is a practice specializing in sports/performance psychology and teen counseling.

Our unique focus is on mental performance and well-being. Our aim is to provide services and resources to help individuals optimize their cognitive abilities, build mental skills, and address potential underlying issues that may be an obstacle to reaching peak mental performance.

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Meet the person behind
Pressure Points MP

Darci Freeman

Darci Freeman is the owner of Pressure Points Mental Performance. She is a licensed clinician with over 15 years of experience in the field of mental health. Darci works with athletes, musicians, and other performers to reach their full potential by teaching mental skills and providing unique interventions to address your individual struggles. She also offers coaching around emotion regulation, focus, and self-confidence for teens and adolescents. Darci specializes in developing emotional intelligence and building resilience.

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